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Creates fixed informational alert pane

Provides a simple way to display an informational pane on page load. Can be used for required GDPR policy statements, cookie consent statements, new sales/product announcements, etc.  FREE for the Blocs community !



Provides a simple alert layout with smooth close animation

Fast Setup

Quickly adjust all the controls and get a sticky alert on your site in minutes


Simple design and layout make it a breeze for visitors to use


Controls for general text & button styling, link & visibility controls for buttons, vertical positioning of the alert, width control, smooth animation on close and even anonymous tracking features.


Easily change the text, policy, agree & leave buttons


Meets a basic layout need everyone has & best yet - IT'S FREE


  •   Text - Set the general text.

  •   Location - Set the pane's position to either top or bottom of the page.

  •   Width - Set the pane's % width, pane will auto-center.

  •   Vert. Offset - Set the vertical % offset from the top or bottom of the page.

  •   BG Color - Set the background color of the pane.

  •   Text Align - Set the text & button general alignment: left, centered or justified.

  •   Text Size - Set the text size, in em, for the general text & buttons.

  •   Text LnHt - Set the line height % for the general text and buttons.

  •   Text Color - Set the general text color.

  •   Show Policy Button - Control whether the policy button is shown.

  •   Policy Link - Set the url for the policy button.

  •   Policy Text - Set the policy button text.

  •   Show Agree Button - Control whether the agree button is shown.

  •   Agree Text - Set the agree button text.

  •   Show Leave Button - Control whether the leave button is shown.

  •   Leave Link - Set the url for the leave button.

  •   Leave Text - Set the leave button text.

  •   Link Color - Set the default button text color.

  •   Link Hvr - Set the button text desktop hover color.

  •   Link Border - Set the default button border color.

  •   Bor. Hvr - Set the button border desktop hover color.

  •   Btn. Radius - Set the button border radius, px.

  •   Box Shadow - Set the panel box shadow color.

  •   Show Close Icon - Control whether the close icon is shown.

  •   Close Icon - Set the close icon color.

  •   Show PopUp BG - Control whether the a background is shown behind the panel.

  •   PopUp BG - Set popup background color.

  •   Tracking on Agree Button - Control whether visitor tracking is enabled on the agree button.

  •   Tracking on Close Icon - Control whether visitor tracking is enabled on the close icon.

Sticky Alert Example - Look at the top of the page !

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